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Comsitution: Blood of Heroes

Comsitution: Blood of Heroes.

Comsitution: Blood of Heroes

From a top of the dome

a flag flutters in the wind

a flag of fifty stars

upon a field of blue

and of thirteen strips

or red and white

the nation was proud

and earned the right to claim glory

by the blood of heroes.

But time passes

like water under the bridge

soon that old flag seems

a bit worn and battered

for it been take into

wars of questionable nature

for leaders just

bicker like children

avoiding responsibility one might think

citizens hide behind

political groups and labels

afraid of their own individuality

their are those out of disgust

who have walked way from their

duty and responsibility as citizens

one can not help but wonder

was the blood of heroes spilt

all in vain?

A nation falls

a nations dissolves

only the citizens united

can save it

from it’s own demise.


Letter to my fellow Catholics: ” Pentecost ” A Journey of Life, a Journey of the Spirit

Letter to my fellow Catholics: ” Pentecost ” A Journey of Life, a Journey of the Spirit.

Letter to my fellow Catholics: ” Pentecost ” A Journey of Life, a Journey of the Spirit

         When we are born we embark on a great journey, the journey of like. But when we are baptized, we are launched into a very blessed journey, that of the spirit. That prevents the journey of life from descending into the abyss of corruption. It is on Pentecost Sunday that our hearts and souls are repaired from the damaged caused by the distraction and temptation of the secular world. Pentecost is a time when our sins are cleanse and our inequities are washed away. So that the Holy Spirit may, through the our souls defend us on our journeys of life and of our spirits. And it is only through the Holy Spirit that we can become farmers ( Disciples of Christ) so that we may plant the seeds in others.

           Pentecost, is when we are strengthen, through the Holy Spirit, to live by our Blessed Lord’s commandment “to love one another as I love you and to forgive your enemies.”  Pentecost is when, through the soft gentle guidance of the Holy Spirit we are to share our Blessed Lord’s Love, Joy, Peace, and Hope with all those we encounter. There is no greater gift that one can give, then what is in one’s heart.

          Like the first Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit visit the twelve Apostles in the chamber and appeared as tongues over each of their heads as it entered their souls. The next thing you knew the were plant the seeds of Faith, in our Blessed Lord, through out the known world. This Pentecost Sunday Mass, the Holy Spirit will be with us, it will enter our souls. We can use our talents, the tools, that our Blessed Lord gave to us on the day we were born, as a writer, an artist, an orator, or we can be an example of our Faith, to plant seeds of Faith, of our Blessed Lord in others. The Journey Of life, without the spirit, will end in a state of confusion and loss. But with the spirit, life will continue, but on a eternal journey,

Faith: ” Pentecost” A Jourmey of Life

Faith: ” Pentecost” A Jourmey of Life.

Faith: ” Pentecost” A Jourmey of Life

For the journey life

is a journey of the mind

a journey of the body

but of all else

it is a journey of the soul

of Faith and of the Spirit.

The journey of life

of the mind and of the body

is but a speck of dust upon

the timeline of eternity

as the journey of the soul

of the Faith and of the Spirit

is of eternal measure.

Like the first Pentecost

when the Holy Spirit cane

to Peter and the other Apostles

that they would carry his word to others

this Pentecost the Holy Spirit comes to us

to be disciples of our Blessed Lord

to be his farmers that plant his seeds in others

so the Faith of his Love, Peace and Glory

will grow and Blossom.

For when the Holy Spirit

comes into our Souls

on Pentecost Sunday

it brings it’s great power

and soft gentle guidance

to defend and protect us

from the distractions and temptations

of the secular world

so that we may the seeds of Faith

in desirable soil

so the beauty of Faith my blossom.


The Lady with sweet smile: A letter from the shadows

The Lady with sweet smile: A letter from the shadows.

The Lady with sweet smile: A letter from the shadows

My Love. My sweet dream, My sweet Lady

words from the depths of this heart

hidden in the shadows

because of challenges it faces

and fear of your rejection.

For there are those who say

that I am reaching for the stars

reach for an impossible dream

but one must be true their heart

for love that is true resides there

so forgive me my sweet lady

but I have fallen in love with you

a love that is

timeless and ageless

sure a gift of heavenly angels.

My love, My sweet bream, My sweet lady

May  the rays of the sun

always gently careless your cheek

May the meadow lark whistle you

a sweet tune

my the humming bird hum you

a sweet song

and may the Divine Trinity

and the Blessed Mother

keep you sate and happy

for it is the only

desire of my heart.

Faith: Into the quiet


via Faith: Into the quiet.

Faith: Into the quiet

Into the quiet

I find the Peace

to pray to you

my Blessed Lord.

Into the quiet

I find a place to open my heart

to your spirit most Holy

for the strength and courage to go on

Into the quiet

I find the peace

to pray to your

Blessed Mother, most Holy

for her love and comfort

and her gentle guidance.

Into the quiet

I find the peace

to pray my Blessed Lord

to your Holy Spirit

and your Mother most Holy

to fill the hearts of those

that I love and those who have found a place in my heart

and all your children wherever they may be

with your Love, Joy, Peace, and Hope.

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