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Letters to my fellow Catholics: Easter

Letters to my fellow Catholics: Easter.

Letters to my fellow Catholics: Easter

                     Easter, is a time of reflection, a time of seeking forgiveness, and above all else to share His Love, Joy, Hope and Peace. But there are many who prefer to ignore these gifts and embrace their greed, self-interest and their self-indulgence. Forgetting that Christ body, after being tortured, forced to carry his own cross and that was weighted down with our sins, Then to be nailed to the cross still seeking forgiveness of our sins.  And on Easter Sunday he arose from the darkness, giving our lives and our souls a new start, but what we do with this new start he lift that to our free will. 


Easter, is not just the time we cleanse our souls through reflection and confession. But it is also a reminder that each of us to share His gifts of: Love, Joy, Hope, and Peace with others. In a world where material gains, is not only encouraged by our society, but it also ignores the needs of humanity. Not exactly the message, that the sacrifice our Blessed Lord sent down from the cross.


            Easter, is a a tine of Love. For it is  out of our Blessed Lord sacrifice, that our Bless Lord  gave to us the greatest gift of all, the gift of Love, Himself. When we and if we sacrifice from our hearts,  then we follow ourselves in the foot steps of our Blessed Lord. When we forgive those who have done us wrong, then we unburden our hearts, allowing ourselves to share the gifts of the cross, that is Love, Joy, Hope, and Peace.


Easter, is the time for hope. As St,  John Paul state in his first speech  he stated ” Not to be afraid, for there is hope.” The Hope he spoke of . is from the Love of our Blessed Lord. Without hope, man will find himself in the darkness, rather then that of light.  Hope can bring about Peace and Love, if one’s constitution is strong to do so. Those who take hope for granted, also takes life for granted.


Easter, is a time of Peace, is not Christ the Prince of Peace? Through the power of Love and Hope we can obtain Peace. But lasting peace, is a whole different question. It is as we return to a more primitive state. That only through force that we can obtain lasting Peace, it is only through hope and Love that we can obtain Peace, which require that we put our weapons of my mass destruction aside. And by applying our minds and hearts to the cause of lasting Peace.


Easter is a joyous time, just because our souls ( Faith ) is renewed and revitalized. Joy comes from the combination of Love, Hope, and Peace.  I have always found in hope  


Faith: ” Angels be near “

Faith: ” Angels be near “.

Faith: ” Angels be near “

with the first blessings

the Angels will be near

watching over us

and protects from the darkness

for Angels be near

for it be their light

that expels the darkness

that it br their light

that expels the darkness

and it’s complaints it brings

for Angels be near

for they carry a message

from the lips of divine

a message of the true commandment

to share the gifts of Love, Joy, hope.

For the angelsand the blessings of Peace

with all those who we share

upon this earth

as our spiritual home.

or the Angels be near

to defend, protect us, straighten

against temptation of the darkness

for they be to the right of us

they be to the lift of us

and the be above us

and below us.

but they will always.

reside in our hearts.

to understand heaven’s angel

we must have Faith in

the Father, the Son, and holy Spirit

for they be gifts

who will guile us through each day

and when the tine cones

it will the Angels

that will glide us

to the very gates of heaven

for Angels appear

as a family member

 a very dear friend

as a deacon, a Priest, a Nun. or Monsignor

or they maybe  the one of your heart’s desire

for Angels to appear

as a family member

a Deacon, a Nun, a Priest, or a Monsignor

for Angel will also manifest itself

in the hearts of the poor and homeless

to see an  angel

look those whose hearts

share the Blessed Lord’s

gifts of Love, Joy, Nope, and Peace.


The Lady with the sweet smile : Absence of Love

The Lady with the sweet smile : Absence of Love.

The Lady with the sweet smile : Absence of Love

Absence of love

is a burden on upon this heart

for the burden of this cross

that one must bare

for as the burden of the cross

our Bless Lord carried

out of love for us.

for this cross we mut bare I carry

I do so out of love for her.

Absence of love

but if this absence

that brings this lady

a sweet smile to her heart

then to it will make my heart smile

but it will be from a sad heart

imposed by this absence of love.

Absence of love

but if it is to be

that this absence of love

brings her happiness and joy

for if be love so true

but if it is the absence of love

that brings her happiness and joy

then too will it bring bring happiness and joy

also to this heart

no matter how sad it may be

for if this heart be true

then absence of love

must be the cross

that this heart must bare.

for not word of  love

will be spoken

to honor her wish for

the absence of love.

but this heart that be true

for it’s words must be expressed

in the words of the poet

to lighten the burden

that bares down on this heart.

for even the absence of love

still be that of sweet love

so my heat will resided

in the shadows of love and life

still offering a prayer

for her happiness and joy

may all of heaven

watch over her and keep her safe

in her travels.   


A Word gone mad: Lowering the cost of living

A Word gone mad: Lowering the cost of living.

A Word gone mad: Lowering the cost of living

        The United States was created to be a Constitutional Republic, to be govern by the majority of citizens. But this Republic is quickly turning into Corporate/Police state. The cost of living has become to high for the majority to afford, which is the reason we are becoming a Nation of debtors. By lowering the cost of living, we not only make life more affordable for the majority, but we also will lower the cost of government,

The government, which in truth is out of control, idea of dealing with the high cost of living, is to increase the minimum wage, which would become an act of governmental constancy., by lowering the cost living,  across the, of board, we make this unnecessary. Every aspect of our society must be prepared to make adjustments. For example, as the business community lowers the cost of their products and services  they charge the consumers, unions must be prepared, when the time comes, to readjust their contracts, so to avoid an unnecessary burden on the business community.  By lowering the cost of living. we increase the number of consumers buying the products and services, offered by the business community. Therefore, the National economy would greatly improve.

As the economy improves, the job market opens wider, reducing both unemployment and the number of those on welfare. Therefore, the government must impose and strictly adhere to am efficiency program. As the government requires fewer employees, the surplus manpower would fill the needs of the job market. If any business moves to another country, they lose the right to do business in the United States, by doing this we retain the business and jobs in the country. With a greatly improved economy and a more efficient government, reducing the cost and size of the government. Would be the eventual outcome of a policy lowering the cost of living.

Whereas,  an ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure. The government must have in place the following policies,  Where if the economy worsens, the cost of living decreases and if the economy improve, the cost of living increases. a policy of constant efficiency. and it must impose stronger and strict adherence of regulations restricting the influence and involvement of illegal immigrants in the governing process. Increasing the influence and involvement  of the majority of citizens. continuing this Constitutional Republic.  Business must be subservient to the government, as the government must be subservient to the will of the majority of citizens. It is the only way, that this Constitutional Republic will survive and grow.

The Lady with the sweet smile: Have I Told you lately

The Lady with the sweet smile: Have I Told you lately.

The Lady with the sweet smile: Have I Told you lately

Have I told you lately

that I Love you

that I adore you

and that your always

in my heart

A course not

for my heart is yellow

for fear of your rejection

Have I told you lately

that your smile warms

this heart of mine

and brightens up my life

A course not

for my heart is yellow

for fear of your rejection

Have I told you lately

that every dream

I dream in my sleep

is some how is always of you

A course not

for my heart is yellow

for fear of your rejection.

Have I told you lately

that your in my every prayer

that your heart is smiling

and you are happy.

A course not

for my heart is yellow

for fear of your rejection.

Have told you lately

that man’s true weakness

is  love

for if it’s rejected

then a true heart will shatter.

A course not

for my heart is yellow

for fear of your rejection.

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