For the thoughts of mind and the beat of the heart should always be for a better and greater future

Lady with the sweet smile: The greatest joy

Source: Lady with the sweet smile: The greatest joy

Lady with the sweet smile: The greatest joy

For the one

that fills the heart

with unbelievable

sweet warm

fills the mind with

the sweetest distractions

of love and romance

is the one the will bring

the greatest joy to life.

The one whose sweet smile

who brightens one’s day

the who sends

the spirit soaring

whose beauty makes

a perfect rose wither

whose eyes sparkle

bring shame to the stars

in the heavens above

is the one that will bring

the greatest joy to life.

For every movement she makes

is like a beautiful sonata

every word she specks

is a beautiful aria

sung by an angelic voice

to one’s ears

and to one’s heart

for it be a great

composition of love

for she is the one that will

bring the greatest joy.

For love if it is true

for if this great joy

it be not of this earthly realm

for sure it be from Heaven

placed in worthy hearts

all one must do

is open their heart

and seek and they will find

but here upon this mortal plan

for social constraints

then one may seek

but never find.

Letters to my follow Catholics: Same sex marriages

Source: Letters to my follow Catholics: Same sex marriages

Letters to my follow Catholics: Same sex marriages

Civil “marriages” ( civil unions ) are no more than a legal binding contract, bet tow citizens, there is no religious significance whatsoever. The issue to this issue is very plain and simple. Pass a law removing one word from the government language “marriage “and replace it with another “union”. If the couples wishes to be married , then the should be directed to one of the churches that perform There is no need for political grand standing, as we witnessed in the actions of a Kentucky county clerk Ms. Davis, Hugabee, and the liberty counsel, who has the connections to arrange an audition with the Holy Father. Now because of this political grand standing, what should have been a simple piece of legislation, has become more complex, because the candidates and the politicians are more guarded.

As Catholics and Christians, the sooner we resolve this issue the better, by passing a law that would replace one word “marriage” with an another “union” the better for all concern. It will make clear that it is unconstitutional for the government to perform a marriage, because to do so it would require the government to set up a state religion. this in direct violation of our Constitutional Freedom of Religion. It would also make clear that the only thing that the government can grant is a legal binding contract ( a civil union ). If our fellow citizens who wish to have a same-sex marriage, they should be directed to one of the churches that allow such marriages. The government has a Constitutional duty to protect the religious freedoms on both sides of this issue. But until such time, as the above mentioned law is passed, our government finds itself unable to meet this Constitutional. We must remember with Faith we can make anything positive and good happen.

The Lady with the sweet smile:

Source: The Lady with the sweet smile:

The Lady with the sweet smile:


This morn I saw

a morning dove

on the wing gliding

upon the autumn breeze

finding a perish in a holly trees.

As the morning dove

returns to it’s gentle cooing

but my heart and mind

is not like the morning dove

for my heart is full

as my mind is curious

to free my mind

I must ease my heart.

To ease my heart

I must endeavor to express

what is within my heart

for true love comes by the divine hand

and fills the heart with

nectar sweeter then homey

thus the spirit of life soars

and the light of life shines bright

brighter then the sun’s light.

For the light true love

shines as long as

the stars in the heavens shine

for the offer of true love

remains on the tables

as fresh as the day it was offer

never to grow stale

and if one day the body

submits and light of life dims.

True love will

be one with the soul

to find a place in the heavens

to shine among the stars

for the light of true love never dims

and the offer never dies

for the heart has been eased

and the curios mind has been freed

A world gone mad: Society, Matrailistic amd Group, Mentality

Source: A world gone mad: Society, Matrailistic amd Group, Mentality

A world gone mad: Society, Matrailistic amd Group, Mentality

Society-People in general thought living together in organized communities with shared laws, characteristic traditions and values. Materialistic-excessively concerned for material possessions and being money oriented, group A gathering of more then one or two people. And the group mentality-the characteristic and aptitude of the way that a given group is thinking. The Untied States was found, created, and built on ideas and principles. And it has achieved greatest through the blood, sweat, tears, courage, and Faith and individual citizens. Only to be subjugate ourselves to a materialistic society, that is ruled by the group mentality.

When a nation is based on a ideas and principles comes into confrontation with a materialistic society, the reaction the same as that of a positive charge to a negative one. that weakens those ideas and principles, that causes the individual citizens to suffer. To ease the suffering the citizens turn and follow the group mentality. Weakling our ability to govern ourselves and the government becomes less and less efficient and effective. during these times when our a society is materialistic, to obtain greatness it requires those who only have the courage to follow the path least traveled, that leaves those who follow the group mentality.

The human mind and the human heart are two of the heavenly gifts, that man takes for granted, their capabilities are the least understood. The effectiveness of the materialistic society is the restrictions on the progress of humanity. And how it limits the growth of the individual and their environment. Like the government. the individual caught up in the web of the group mentality, appears like the dog chasing their own tail, always going, but not going anywhere. The nation was to be a progressive nation, always moving forward, but in a materialistic society, it will not be.

For the nation, for the sake of a people, for the sake of the individual citizen, for the sake of their Rights, Freedoms, and Liberties, we must we to an end this materialistic society and group mentality, Or we will reap what we sow the products of an inefficient ineffective government and when an atrocity is committed on the other side of the world, just provoke an act of force from this side of the world. For our government will take the road must often traveled to appease to who rattle their sabers  and cry out loudly for vengeance, and will response in kind, because the government fearing losing their votes. For this materialistic society and group mentality is an anchor around the neck of the nation! Because what is built upon ideas and principles are above and beyond the materialistic.

Lady with the sweet smile: Williamsburg Rose

Source: Lady with the sweet smile: Williamsburg Rose

Lady with the sweet smile: Williamsburg Rose

For one has heard of

the Texas Rose

and of the China Rose

the beauty of the Peace Rose

But yet none can compare

to the heavenly beauty

of the Williamsburg Rose.

For all other Roses

their beauty last

but just one season

but the beauty

of the Williamsburg Rose

last as long as

the sparkle of a diamond

and the glimmer of a star

for it is of a eternal beauty.

For the Williamsburg Rose

may not have petals

as soft as silk

but it has a sweet smile

as warm as a summer sun

that will brighten one’s life

and lifts one’s life

for the Williamsburg Rose

was planted and nourished

by an Divine Hand.

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