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Letters to my fellow Catholics: The Year of Mercy

Source: Letters to my fellow Catholics: The Year of Mercy

Letters to my fellow Catholics: The Year of Mercy


” The Year of Mercy ” commences on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, Dec. 8, 2015 and will come to an con conclusion on the Solemnity of Christ the King, Nov. 20, 2016. The scriptural focus for ” The Year of Mercy ” comes from Luke 6:36, ” Be merciful, just as merciful as your Father is merciful “.

As the commencement of this Holy Year is only days away, we can take heart. That as an Nation, we have opened our borders and our hearts to thousands of refugees who were fleeing the Horseman of War. But suffering comes in all shapes and sizes, not only does suffering in physical sense, but also in the emotional and spiritual sense too.

There are two kinds of mercies;  corporal mercy, which involves the bodily needs, food, housing, caring for the sick and secondly, spiritual mercy, that involves one’s heart’s song, for it is kindness, the understanding to give counsel, the gentleness to give comfort, the strength to forgive, and the love to pray for someone else. It will be the spiritual mercy; more than the corporal mercy that many will find difficulty with, as spiritual endeavors requires one to open one’s heart, in today’s materialistic society that’s not a popular thing to do.

We cannot pick and choose who we give mercy to, any poor soul who is suffering is worthy of our Blessed Lord’s love, is worthy of our mercy. Whether it is praying for the victims  of a terrorist attack overseas, caring for the homeless in a shelter, or praying for a friend in your home parish, our hearts must be open and our Faith strong enough that when we hear the cry of suffering, that our hearts can answer with the song of mercy.

If one has Faith, then one has Love, Hope, Joy, Forgiveness, Peace, a heart that cares, then you will find no trouble giving mercy to those who are suffering. For our Blessed Lord will be beside you, His Holy Spirit will be within you, and the Father will be above you.

The lady with the sweet smile: Lift the Blind fold

Source: The lady with the sweet smile: Lift the Blind fold

The lady with the sweet smile: Lift the Blind fold

My love, my heart begs

lift the blind fold that

blinds you from seeing

what’s inside this

heart of mine.

Not to see what is

inside the heart of another

is not like being to see

the dance of the stars

on a warm summer night

or a golden autumn sunset

the warmth of an embrace

on a winter’s eve stroll

or the rebirth that spring brings

so lift the blind fold, my love.

My love, my heart begs

lift the blind fold that

blinds you from seeing

what’s within this

heart of mine.

For within this heart of mine

you would see

a love so true

a heart that adores you

that cares for you


a heart that would

make any sacrifice

for your happiness

even if means to travel

the road life alone

for your happiness

is all that matters to

this heart of mine

so lift the blind fold, my love.

My love, my heart begs

lift the blind fold that

blinds you from seeing

what’s within this

heart of mine.

You act as if

I an not even here

not worth your time

or even a dime

you think me too old

how do you know

you cannot see me

through the blindfold

all I ask is

my love, lift the blind fold

and see what is within this

heart of mine.

My love, my heart begs,

lift the blind fold that

blinds you from seeing

what’s within this

heart of mine.

A word gone mad: A religious war, a war that cannot be won!

Source: A word gone mad: A religious war, a war that cannot be won!

A word gone mad: A religious war, a war that cannot be won!


Welcome to the vortex that is a religious war. If you think that we and our allies are now going through all started with 9/11, it did not. we would have to go back over two thousand years ago, to find the beginnings if this whirling genocidal homicide.  So the question the we all that we must answer is, how do we win a war that we cannot win?

September, 11, 2001, 9/11. It’s 2015, fourteen years and not one year of peace, just think about that, not one year of peace! I wonder if we and our allies should not be wearing the uniforms of the crusaders of old. I mean when our enemies with their religious genocidal zeal set of their suicidal bombs killing innocents. And like the crusaders of the past we mount our modern day steeds, lower our modern lances, and raise our modern swords and go charging in again and again and again. So do we count fifteens years without peace, or do we get our heads out od the sands of the past?

The concept of cause and effect may lead us to the answer. The Religious differences is the cause and the war is the effect. Therefore, if we remove or lessen the cause, we remove or lessen the effect, but how? A suggestion: call a religious conclave of all the religions in the Middle East region with one objective ” to achieve a mutual understanding and tolerance”. Many may be thinking it will never work, how do you know? It has never been tried before! It is only small minds that prevents from making the impossible, possible! First, we need the three Religions that have the longest histories in the Middle East region, who are non combatants, The Roman Catholic (Pope Francis), The Coptic Catholic Church (Patriarch Ibrahim Isaac Sidrak). and The Eastern Rite (Patriarch Bartholomew). These three Religions have the longest histories in the Middle East, but their locations may also play role too, Roman Catholic (Italy), The Coptic Church (Egypt), and The Eastern Rite (Turkey). The location of the conclave should be on one of the island in the Mediterranean Sea such as Corsica, Malta, or Sicily. It would a great deal easier to secure and maintain the security of the conclave. If we remove or lessen the cause, then we then we take away the greatest weapon our enemies have, fear! Because would reduce them to the size of the play ground bully! For without their religious excuse they lose all creditability with their followers.

The answer to the question ” how do we win a war, we cannot win?” We cannot nor can our enemies! But we can do one of two things, we can allow ourselves and our allies to become apart of this genocidal vortex for the next two thousand years or we can stop or lessen the speed of this vortex, before it’s to late! The idea is to obtain peace, if possible or to save, defend, and to protect as many lives as possible! Let’s face it, employing the same method, “an eye for an eye”, that been employed since this religious war started. Granted we use high tech weapons but the results are the same, carnage, destruction, and a high body count! I offer an idea based on the concept of cause and effect, never before tried, it has as good of a chance of succeeding, as it dose of failing. But it is better than sticking my head in the sands of the past. We must not be afraid to our minds and expand them to include new ideas and possibilities. Anything is possible, it is the small mind that keeps things impossible!

Faith: The path least taken

Source: Faith: The path least taken

Faith: The path least taken

From the mount where

the light of the cross

once shown the way

His people should follow

but free will as it is

thus this path

became the path

the path least traveled.

His people having free will

most followed their own path

a path of self destruction

that spread like a plague

and brought the clouds of war

but there were a few

who saw the light

and followed

the path least traveled.

For hundreds and thousands of years

those who followed their own path

has spread their self destruction

like a plague has come home

for today in the city of light

a city once of beauty and passion

now a city of fear

because of those who do not want us

to see the light

and follow the path least traveled

the path of Love and Peace.

Pray for the souls that were taken

Pray for those who were injured

so that they may be healed

but above all else pray for Peace!

The Lady with the sweet smile: Forsaken Love

Source: The Lady with the sweet smile: Forsaken Love

The Lady with the sweet smile: Forsaken Love

For among the stars

I sought out the answer

why is forsaken love

like the phoenix of lore

when loneness becomes to much

love burst into flames

leave’s a pile of ash in one’s heart

that by heaven’s grace

love resurrects itself from

within a couple days

just as the beautiful

bird of lore did.

As I looked in the heavens

among the dancing stars

my heart spoke to my head

that forsaken love

could be another cross

that I must bare

granted be heavier then most

and at times it may seem to be

as heavy as all the crosses

that I am burden with

but as long as my Faith is strong

then I will endure

ad endeavor to go on

with a smile in my heart.

For this love is always with me

like a beat of my heart

then all I can do is

pray for her happiness

for that be my heart’s one desire

for it is better to have love

and to know love

even if it be forsaken

then to never have had love

or to have known love.

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