For the thoughts of mind and the beat of the heart should always be for a better and greater future

Letter to my fellow Catholics

Source: Letter to my fellow Catholics

Letter to my fellow Catholics

We have heard, that life referred to  as a journey. A journey of both the physical and of the soul. But in which direction will we go? We are tested constantly through-out our journey,  after one test, our direction may adjust, a bit, then after the next test, it may readjust, hopefully.

These “tests” we also known as temptation (greed, lust, power, envy, anger, sloth, and gluttony). But through out our journey and no matter how many times we may stumble and fall. There always seems to be someone there to pick us up, dust off, fill us with hope that we will make it, forgives for our misgivings, fill our hearts with love and joy, and send us off with peace in mind. If one has an open heart and mind to begin with.

Now this from my own from own observations, it seems to me that when things are done for the few, it is the greater that suffers. This journey that we travel, we follow in the footsteps who did for the greater, sp no will suffer.

The Lady with the Sweet Smile: Valentine’s Day

Source: The Lady with the Sweet Smile: Valentine’s Day

The Lady with the Sweet Smile: Valentine’s Day

 This Valentine’s day

I give you

the most precious thing I have

my heart

filled with a love so true

that even time cannot

bring it to an end.

This Valentine’s Day

the love I give you is unconditional

I knew it from the first time

I felt the warmth of the

beauty of your heart

and the first time your smile

brighten up my heart.

This Valentine’s Day

you have all of my love

so real and true

and a never-ending friendship

with a vow of


The Lady with the sweet smile

Source: The Lady with the sweet smile

The Lady with the sweet smile

For there are many who say

that what my heart desires

is impossible just a

hopeless dream never to be true

but the impossible is possible

as the hopeless is hopeful

if the heart’s desire

is love’s sweetest dream.

For the heart wish’s upon

the pulsating of a star

or from the depths of the heart

the hope of love sweetest song

and the soul’s prayer

for heaven’s blessing’s of love.

The voices from the shadows

that speak ill of the innocence

that keeps love’s sweet song

from being sung

but let her heart know the truth

that with every beat of this heart

she’s loved, adored, and cared for.

Letter to my fellow Catholics: Love, Hope, Joy, Forgiveness, Mercy, and Peace

Source: Letter to my fellow Catholics: Love, Hope, Joy, Forgiveness, Mercy, and Peace

Letter to my fellow Catholics: Love, Hope, Joy, Forgiveness, Mercy, and Peace

For those crazy time

when heart’s bleeds

and eyes sheds tears and

the sad cry’s of the lost.

For comfort all we

need to do is turn to the

light of the Cross

that lights up the path

of life and hope.

We all suffer and deal

with the pain on the heart’s path

but through the light of the Cross

we are blessed and comforted

with Love and Joy.

For when we harm another

we seek the courage to

forgive ourselves and then we

  make amends to those

those we have harmed

and show the Mercy of our Lord

which opens the door to Peace.

For when Murphy’s law kick’s in

all that could go wrong, does

when depression lark in the shadows

for it is in the light of our Faith

it is in the blessings of the light of the Cross

Love, Hope, Joy, Forgiveness, Mercy. and Peace

for it is the light of Christ that shows his way.

The American Responsibilities

Source: The American Responsibilities

The American Responsibilities

We have a great Country, not because of our brave and powerful military or because of our government. We have a great Nation because we have a great People, citizens, like you and myself. As long as we live up to our responsibilities as citizens. These include both  our involvement in our political and governing processes. The key to our government being effective is by majority rule. To put it in simple terms, those that we elect are our employees, even the President and are held accountable to us! But because of the political party’s  and group’s ( conservative and liberal ) propagandist. not to mention the news media’s own spinning machines. There are now many who feel as if they are fighting a losing battle.

We have to ask ourselves some questions; What does this country means to you? Would you be willing to die for it? What does the ideas and principles that are embodied in the Constitution mean toy you? To answer one, you will in fact answer all. For me everything revolves around the ideas and principles of the Constitution, because as long as we believe in them, than meeting our responsibilities to our Nation, our Constitution, will come like second nature, It is a bit of a sight, when you observe one who is a member of a political party or one of the fore mention groups, well it will remind you of a novice juggler trying  to juggle for the first time. Because this Nation was design to be progressive and the only ones who are adapted at doing so. Are individual citizens

who understand the great importance of the free exchange of ideas, between individual citizens and the same importance in coming to a compromise for the common good!

we have a choice to ether turn our backs on this systems and what it die a slow and painful death by apathy or we stand up and involves ourselves as individuals and bring this great country back to life! We live in a world that has turned upside down, we live in crazy times when life is not worth more then the chance in your pocket.And those that we elect to do something about it, simply do not! As member of a political party or of you hide behind one of the banners of the fore mentioned groups, therefore  you have become a part of the problem then of the solution. We as a Nation are heading into the abyss of the Constitution-less, of course we could involve ourselves, this would prevent this free-fall into this abyss.


[I have just heard that Senator Cruz has just beaten Donald “The Dumbo” Trump in the    Iowa carcass. This is no for celebrating for a candidate who is unconstitutionally eligible    has won the first presidential contest. We have shown the world  how little respect we  have for the integrity  of our own Constitution, it’s a time, a night of shame!]

For almost two hundred and forty years our Nation has taken everything that nature has thrown at us. and by the grace of God we have withstood it! We have been knocked to the economic canvas so many times it took a bit longer each time to walk it off. But for a while there each time we were united. But now each time it seems there are fewer that will stand up united, as if they were thinking they didn’t need the unity of a Nation. That they had forgotten a great American maxim ” United we stand  and divided we fall!” This maxim alone gives each and every individual citizen reason enough to gladly accept their American Responsibilities.





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