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Faith is the sun

rising over the sea

as gulls glide by

on a heavenly breeze

Faith is the sun

that parts the storm clouds 

whose rays shines down

feeding every soul

Faith is like a rose bud

that slowly opens

into a bloom

of heavenly beauty

Faith is a heart

that gives to those

who are poor and homeless

and only a smile as a reward

Faith is a family

bonded not only by blood

but is bonded by the

greatest bond of all love

Faith is the Eucharist

where the body becomes

the bread of life

and the wine becomes

the precious blood

that washes away our inequities

and washes away our sins

Faith is the soul

that tells us

what be right

and what be wrong

if we just listen.

The Constiution: Freedom of Religion

The Constiution: Freedom of Religion.

The Constiution: Freedom of Religion

            The framers understood there was a far greater force, that supersede any force that the mind of man could match, let alone copy. That force, was the force of Faith. That could ease the hardship of the heart, replace hate with love, and bring peace to a world at war. It is the force of the soul and of the heart. The force of Religion that can win the hearts and minds of man. The Framers of the Constitution could bind the Bill of Rights together.

           The one that was made clear was that the government cannot and must not establish a state Religion! The Framers foresaw that most if not all the Religions of the world would come to our shores. And that each had equal rights to worship according to their Faith, It was the wish of the framers that each citizen show respect to each other’s Religions. This method has been very effective until 1972, with the high courts decision on abortion. The beginning of a confrontation that our Framers fear the most, church vs state. And another crack in the liberty bell appeared.

                our Nation is a Nation of Faith. Without it we would never have overcome the adversities that we have faced over the past two hundred years of our history. In times of war or disasters it is our Faith that gives us the strength to rise above such hardships. And it binds us together as a Nation.

When we defend and protect our Religious Freedoms, we also defend and protect the Religious Freedoms of other Religions. We also defend and protect the rights of the agnostic to question Religion, and we protect the rights of atheist not to believe in a Religion. By doing this we show Christian love.  


The Constitution: Introduction

The Constitution: Introduction.

The Constitution: Introduction

In 1798, one of the greatest document ever conceived by the mind of man, The Constitution of the United States. This document was created and design to of benefit to the welfare and common good of the citizens, so who better to succeed in such an endeavor, the citizens themselves. The addition of the Bill of Rights were added to ensure the involvement of the citizens, or at least the majority of citizens. If the Constitution is to be effective, it requires the application of the individual citizen or at least the majority of the citizens, to prevent the infringement of the government. I f the Constitution is to be effective, it requires the application of the individual mind, rather then the “group mentality.” By the very design of the Constitution, is to be in constant progression into the future, hopefully a better future. And that the United States is best suited to be peace makers and if necessary  peace keepers. 

The cancer to the Constitution, is the apathy of the citizens, this also includes those who blindly follow a given political party or a given doctrine, be it conservative or liberal. Because it undermines the intent of Constitution. It is essential that the free exchange of ideas between individual minds and not that of the group mentality, which compromises the rights, freedoms, and liberties of both the states and the individual citizen. And corrupts the effectiveness of the government. The government is the servant of the citizens and not the citizens the servants.

The Bill of Rights is the very foundation of our Constitution and the Freedom of Religion is the very foundation of our Bill of Rights. For nothing is more explosive then the combination of government and religion.

The lady with the sweet smile An empty heart

The lady with the sweet smile An empty heart.

The lady with the sweet smile An empty heart

For heaven’s sweetest gift

s gift of the heart

that warms it

a gift of love

that be real and true.

A gift of love

that is heaven sent

fills the heart

with love

that never dies.

a gift of love

that is heaven sent

fills the heart
with love

that never dies

but this gift

when it is denied

fills with tears of love denied

a heart filled with

the sadness of lost love

that tares away at the heart

even this heart

filled with love denied

then this heart is empty

for love is to be shared

an empty heart

until love is given life

but until then

heaven gives comfort

to the pain of lost love

and eases the empty heart

for true love always

begins in heaven.

Faith: We are Blessed

Faith: We are Blessed.

Faith: Seeing the Face of God

Faith: Seeing the Face of God.

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