For the thoughts of mind and the beat of the heart should always be for a better and greater future

The Lady with the sweet smile: What do I do ?

Source: The Lady with the sweet smile: What do I do ?

The Lady with the sweet smile: What do I do ?

For there are those

who have my respect and trust

those who I call my friends

, who tell me

my heart is wrong

the one it says I love

is not so.

I have always been one

with an open heart

I love life and I love people

if my heart says

that I love her then I believe

but now my friends,

my trusted and respected friends

to turn and walk away

leaving my mind confused

and my heart empty.

for the battle I face

I am lift with my Faith

my love of life

my love of people

my will to live

but the reason seems to be

fading into the abyss

for I have prayed to the Father Almighty

to his most Blessed Son

for the guidance of the Holy Spirit

I pray for the love and comfort

of the Blessed Mother

and the protection of St. Michael.

For the question to be answered

is one of a confused mind

and an empty heart

What do I do?

What a wonderful world

Source: What a wonderful world

What a wonderful world

To no longer hear

the sound of the gun

but instead the sweet song

of the birds in the trees

what a wonderful world

it would be.

To no longer judge another

by their money or

by the color of their skin

but rather by the brilliance

of their mind

and the beauty of their heart

what a wonferful world

this would be,

For we live in a world

of hustle and bustle

and the profanity

that comes with it

but if we take look around us

as the autumn leaves change

from green to gold and brown

and the geese and ducks wing

south for their winter retreat

what a wonderful would

this would be.

Each of us were given given

a mind, a heart, and a soul

if we but use them

can you imagin

the beauty that we could create

such beauty that would

shock each of us

what a wonderful world

this would be.

The Lady with the Sweet Smile: Always on my mind

The Lady with the Sweet Smile: Always on my mind.

The Lady with the Sweet Smile: Always on my mind

Since he day

that we were t\hat

we were trained as ministers

when your smile first

brighten my day

and brought light into my life

holding my heart captive.

Always on my mind

for one who was

blessed with the gift of gab

but for your beauty

I am at a lost of words

so here the words of the poet

words from my heart

in hopes I pray

that you will read them.

Always on my mind

for is I find myself in stressed

or in pain and worry

it is your beauty

the mere thought of your smile

that eases their torment

for these poetic words I write

are like the love in my heart

they be pure and true

for my heart has but one desire

that your heart always smiles.

Always on my mind

when the sun shines

or the moon glows

in mind and spirit

warming and lifting my heart

but this waltz requires two

but if you deny to

if the day comes when

our Blessed Lord calls me

to join my Father, Mother, or Brother John

my love, be assured that I’ll await

just to see the smile

that has brought so much joy to my heart.

A Bit of Wisdom: The Four Sisters

A Bit of Wisdom: The Four Sisters.

A Bit of Wisdom: The Four Sisters

You have heard of the brothers, Respect, Trust, and Loyalty. But there are also three sisters, Honor, Integrity, Love, and Faith. For the sisters lift the common to the uncommon, above the materialistic world that we live in.

Honor: A stand above the social norm, a standard of equality, a standard of honesty
and trust, and a standard of peace and humanity,
Integrity: Are those who hold to a strong belief of fineness and equality, They have a strong code pf morality and honesty, But they are corruptible as we all are human. But integrity poses a great opposition to this materialistic world we live in. for honor and integrity will enlighten others that it is a false deity, not worth their worship.

Love: There two kinds of love, both precious to the heart when found. The first is that of the heart, but in this materialistic world their are a great many pretenders who only bring pain, suffering and tears. But it is the discovery of true love that brings the greatest joy and happiness to the human heart, The second is by far the greatest for it is the love for our fellow man, which brings peace, love, and hope, to a world gone mad.

Faith: for there is no greater brother or sister then Faith, for within her greatest of love of all, for within her we will find the sweetest peace, and the power to hope and forgive.

The lady with the sweet smile

The lady with the sweet smile.

The lady with the sweet smile

For after Mass

sure a sad event accrued

for the whose smile

brightens my day

and brings light into my life.

Hid from as if

I were a leper

to be ignored

to be treated as an outcast.

For my mind is at a lost

for what did I do

what did I say

for my heart wonders what will be.

For this great battle has been joined

I have a great passion for life

and a great passion for people

my will to live be strong

and my Faith is devout

but the winning key

the reason to live

seems to be fading away.


For the mind begins to fear

without the answer, why

and the fact that I love and care

for her can not be turn off

for it is a gift of heaven.

I pray she gives an answer

I pray she understands

if I am defeated

in this battle

sadness is the

last thing I wish her heart.

For love can be can be confused

in a world ruled by the material

for love never fads

but only grows with every sweet beat

for love is heaven sent.

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