For the thoughts of mind and the beat of the heart should always be for a better and greater future

The Lady with the Sweet Smile # 13

The Lady with the Sweet Smile # 13.

The Lady with the Sweet Smile # 13

Just give me a smile


I know that there are those

 who have told you

that they would buy you

the moon and stars

for you to ware as a necklace

But all I can give you

so is country walks in the spring

someone to count the stars with

on warm summer nights

and a heart that will

keep you warm on winter nights


but for now

just give me a smile

so my heart

will beat another day


I know that there are those

who will take you dancing

at the top of the mark

with the ball room lighting

and a band to match

but all I can offer you

is my hand to share a dance

under the stars and a full moon

on some sandy beach somewhere

with music being played on a CD

it be like dancing on a cloud


but for now

just give me a smile

so my heart

will beat for another day


for i know there are those

who try to buy your love

with jewels and gems

and other fancy things

no more then a bigger show

then is love for the heart

but what my heart offers you

is a love the will be forever and a day

a promise that I’ll be there

each and every time you call

in body or in spirit

and a heart that will

love, adore, and care for you

each day and every night


but for now

just give me a smile

so my heart

will be for another day


to this world

what i offer is very little

but if I just live

off the maybe’s

maybe today

i’ll feel the warmth of your embrace

just maybe tonight

i will know the sweetness

of your kiss

and just maybe

these hopes and prayers

will one day be true.


but for now

just give me a smile

so my heart

will beat for another day









The Lady with sweet Smile # 12

The Lady with sweet Smile # 12.

The Lady with sweet Smile # 12

For this is Love


For each morn as I awake

there is a wonder

a beauty that fills

each new day

for the shadow of her smile

lingers in my heart and mind

for this is love.


for each day seems brighter

even when storm clouds gather

 the song of the birds in the trees

seems to be sweeter then before

for the shadow of her smile

lingers in my heart and mind

for this is love.


For the cross that I bare

seems lighter every time she’s around

and the midday sun

reminds me of the warmth of her smile

for every night as the stars dance in the sky

sure they remind me of her eyes

lingers in my heart and mind

for this is love.


For it be social ignorance

that keeps these two hearts

for beating as one

but my heart will be contented

for she is my muse

my sweet inspiration

for my heart be-contented

with hope that just maybe…

for the shadow of her smile

lingers in my heart and mind

for this love.





The New Evangelization

The New Evandelization.






         What is Citizenship? Well, it’s more then having residency in a given country and more then just voting. In a Democratic-Republic, Citizenship is a daily vigil, on those who we elect ( as a employer would with their employees) and the issues and problems that we all face. After all we were given two eyes to observe, two ears to listen, and a mouth to express our individual point of view. For in a Democratic-Republic, the State is only as good, as it’s citizens are involved.

We must, as citizens, be observant of both of the issues and those that we elect. We must observe each issue from as many prospective as we can, by doing this we will gain a greater understanding of each issue, thereby we will be more effective in the solution of each issue. We must be observant of those that we elect, after all they are our employees by virtue of our right to vote. we must see that they are fulfilling their Constitutional duties of representation and ensuring that prime objective of our government, to provide, maintain,and secure, the welfare and common good of the citizens, is accomplished. If not. then like an employer who finds an employee failing to do his job, then they must be fired.

We must not only listen to those who we elect says, but more importantly we must listen to what our fellow citizens have to say on each issue, for they equally share in the self-governing process as we do, It will also allow us, by the application of our intellectual courage to compromise for the common good,to obtain a consensuses on what our elected should do on each issue and in which direction the Nation should go, for then we rule by the majority and the voice and will of the people is heard. If we do not, then our Nation falls into disrepair and we have no else but ourselves to blame.

               We must, as individual citizens, to have the courage of our personal convictions,to voice our point of view on each issue and our approval or disapproval on the job that those we elect are doing.We must avoid taking they easy, allowing ourselves be an echo chamber for a given social group or political party, nor allow ourselves to be misinformed by an irresponsible media, for it will only make things worse in the long run. We must have the courage to involve ourselves in the free exchange of ideas (we must avoid arguments, because they will serve no productive use) We must apply our intellectual courage to compromise for the common good to obtain an consensuses. Then we will speak in a majority, as a Nation of citizens who govern ourselves. If we do not, if just one citizen fails to do so, then they become apart of the problem and not of the solution. And our Nation will continue in the state of disrepair, that we find in today.

                   For we are citizens of a Democratic-Republic, for our destiny and the destiny of our Nation, as it was designed, is in our own hands. As citizens each one of us must decide are we going to be involved in a greater destiny for ourselves and our Nation or are we going to be the last nail our Nation’s coffin, after we let her die.

A Blessing # 1

A Blessing # 1.

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