Responsibilities ( Faith and the secular)

14 Apr

Responsibilities ( Faith and the secular).

Responsibilities ( Faith and the secular)

14 Apr

    We are given Responsibilities, the spiritual ones as well as the secular ones. Both must be applied with the greatest sense of honor and integrity. If we are to fulfill these objurgations. But we must also realize the honor and integrity are strongly discouraged by our society. Therefore, honor and integrity are lost to most of us, which makes fulfilling these responsibilities a difficult one. 


( I speck as a Catholic)

        We all have a responsibility to our Faith, to the teachings of our Faith. Not only by our words but by our actions. But to do so will put us in conflict with our society, which only respects the seven deadly sins. And like most spiritual conflicts with this society we may be lift battered and worn.

           For us to fulfill our responsibilities to out Faith, with honor and integrity. Means we do not go to Mass out of some tradition, nor do we go to be seen as good Christians. But rather we go, because our hearts are drawn to it. For it is the only way we can receive the gifts of the Mass. We must accept the mysteries of our Faith, as questions the human mind can not comprehend. 

            In our daily lives, we must express our Faith, not just by words, but more so, by our actions.We must forgive those who have harmed us, if they are to forgive us when we harm them. We must love our neighbors, as He loves us. We must help those who are in need, and we must ” give unto Caesar’s that which is Caesar’s, and give onto God that which is God’s.” ( this is the best definition of separation of Church and State) We must be examples of our Faith. We must allow our Faith to guide us in our secular lives.

              For without Faith man can only exist, but with Faith man lives.For every man is born with a Faith in their Souls, only if by their own free will the recognize and embrace it.For then man can achieve great and wonderful things, for great and wonderful things arises from man’s Soul.


                 Our secular responsibilities, must also be dome with honor and integrity, and we demand that of those that we elect, or if you wish, hire. They,are the ones who we hire to represent us and leads us. They must accept their prime responsibility; to provide, secure, and maintain the welfare and common good of  the citizenry, with honor and integrity. If they do not, we must give them their walking papers.Then we must elect/hire those that will meet the above criteria But if no one on the ballot fits that criteria , then we must seek those that will, off the ballot. Why do you think the “Framers” give us the right to an write in ballot? Some say that a  write in vote is a waste, but I submit to you that no act of conscience is a waste.

                   We must not be afraid to discuss or debate the issue (s), at hand, but we must not allow them to descend into arguments, for that will only defeat the purpose of the discussion/debates. We do not do so, as democrats/liberals nor as republicans/conservatives, but as individuals with an independent mind. Then we must compromise for the common, if we are to achieve the consensus of the majority. For how else can those that we elect/hire, represent us and no in which direction to lead us.

                 We must honor the true definition of politics, that is, the business of life, for sooner or later everything in life will be legislated. Therefore the greatest fools, are those who say they are not interested in politics or wish to be involved in politics, for they are a part of the problem and not of the solution. But their’s is a greater shame, for by their words and actions they tell the world that they are not interested in life, nor do they wish to be involved in life.

                 We must first, allow our Faith to guide us in our secular lives, which means we must allow our Faith to influence our vote.(we must have separation of Church and State on the secular level, but we can not do so as individuals) Second, we must be examples of honor and integrity, if those that we elect/hire are to serve with honor and integrity. And we must open our minds and have the courage of our convictions.  

The Lady with the sweet smile # 7

13 Apr

The Lady with the sweet smile # 7.

The Lady with the sweet smile # 7

13 Apr

With just a Smile  

For I found myself

sitting in the shade

of the tree of knowledge

wondering and pondering

the ways of the heart

that of sweet love

Above me peeking 

through the leaves

the light of enlightenment

shown brightly down

and at my feet

be the flower of understanding

sure it be in full bloom

for the eyes

see what the heart feels

for with just a smile

from the sweet lady

the heart begins to dance

to the song of

the sweetest love

for the mind seek’s the answer

to true love’s mystery

for with just a smile

from the sweet lady 

the sweetest thoughts dance

to the sweet sing 

of romance

for with just a smile

from the sweet lady

dreams flow like

the waters of the river

dreams of love and caring

shared by two hearts

so real be these dreams

that one smell’s the sweet

ambrosia of the roses

as we strolled own

the garden’s path

for now life’s path

poses that of danger and risk

for failure bring’s the devil’s own

and success brings the sweetness

 of heaven’s bliss

for with just a smile

from the sweet lady

brings the power 

of love’s hope.

There but for the Grace of God go I

24 Mar

There but for the Grace of God go I.

There but for the Grace of God go I

24 Mar

There but for the Grace of God

go I

For in a clearing in the woods

a campfire crackles and pops

as figures huddle around for warmth

nothing but rags for clothes

and the growls of there stomach

echos among the trees

There but for the Grace of God 

go I

For in a hospital bed

 a body battered and worn by life

life sustained by tubes and machine

for those gathered around

their eyes full of tears

for their hearts full of fear and concern

for the doctors minds be at a lost

of what to do

There but for the Grace of God 

go I

There be one of wealth

their pockets and bank

full of their profit of greed

for with a heart that be closed

they ignore the cry’s

of those in need

as they continue down the path of greed 

There but for the Grace of God

go I

For there be one

at a table with stacks of bills

as he racks his mind

to end his mounting debt

he can not help but wonder

be can help but wonder

how to feed his family

keep a shelter above their heads

and clothes on their backs

There but for the Grace of God

go I

But here I be

blessed with a Franciscan heart

for i see the beauty

in all those that I meet

and the beauty in the nature

that surrounds me

for I know the warmth of giving

and the joys of caring

There for the Grace of God

am I

annexation of the Crimea

21 Mar

annexation of the Crimea.


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