For the thoughts of mind and the beat of the heart should always be for a better and greater future




        Life, is the greatest and most precious gift we are given. Life, any life, should not be taken for granted, When we do so the value of life is lessen greatly. Life was meant to be experienced, which requires us to interact with the rest of humanity, the more we interact with others and they with us. The great the value of life becomes apparent to each of us.

When we help another or they help us, the greater the value of life becomes to both the giver and the receiver. When one places a greater value on their own life, then another, they are in truth saying the opposite is true. It is only by sharing our love of life with the rest of humanity dose the value of life increases.

            Each one of us have an responsibility improve life and the world for the next generation. In this endeavor. In this endeavor there are to elements that will be essential in this endeavor, Faith and politics. Faith having the greater value. Politics being the tool to the physical improvements, but without Faith, then politics is a worthless tool in this endeavor. For we must learn from the past, to deal with the present,so we can improve the future, but we must have a strong Faith to succeed.

We must remember, the more we do for others and they for us, the greater the value becomes to humanity. This cannot succeed unless we involve ourselves politically,socially, and posses a strong Faith. For the first and second are worthless without the later. We must have strong Faith in the Trinity, to have true Faith in ourselves and humanity.

For God and Country

For God and Country.

For God and Country

             As Citizens of a Democratic-Republic it is best that we live our lives ” For God and Country”. As citizens, service is our daily responsibility, for our government is a reflection of how well we meet that responsibility. As members of our respective Churches/Religion, our service is purely one of an individualistic and personal nature. It is how we apply our moral values, ideas, and principles in our daily lives that determines the usefulness of our service. The problem comes, as often as it dose, when the first (  citizenship) clashes with the second (individualism). 

As an individual, my moral foundation is based or at least greatly influenced by the doctrines of the Catholic Faith. As a citizen, although my moral foundation greatly influences the way I serve my country. I must, at times. adhere to one of our most fundemental rules of self-government. majority rules. Which means I must consider and respect the views or perspectives of my fellow citizens. Which will end up, as often as it dose, requiring us to apply a compromise for the common good, that is if we desire our country to return it’s original direction . But where it may appear that I have compromise, my personal morals, ideas and principles for the sake of the common good.  I want to make it clear, that the compromise I make for the common good. Dose not in any way compromises my morals, ideas, or principles, in any way, not on an individual level!                                                                                                                                                                                            Further we must not allow that we live in a society where appearances, illusions, and half truths are the rule and we all know how deceptive they can be. We must not allow what appears to be reality dictate our thinking or our actions, for then we most likely our thinking and actions on a deception, rather than reality. We must use our God given talents to search out facts, think for ourselves, and make our own decisions. As citizens, for us to meet our responsibility to our country, we must do so as individuals, we must not allow ourselves to be subjugated to the group mentality ( conservative, liberal, democrat, or republican ) allowing the group do our thinking, speaking, or  allowing it to dictate our actions. For if we do, then our thinking, speaking, or actions are based on the illusions that control our thoughts, words, or actions and will prove to be anti-productive if not destructive to our political and governing processes, We must allow our individual morality, our ideas, and our principles influence our political interest and involvement, For it is the only honest way we can add to the accumulations of ideas and principles so that we can create the compromise for the common good, that is if we want to renew and revitalize our nation and return to a nation, that is ruled by the majority. And once again become a nation of the people, for the people, and by the people. 

This nation is of very little use, if the majority of citizens do not become interested and involved in, both our political and governing processes. Therefore, as citizens. we must accept and apply our responsibility to serve our country, Even though I understand and sympathize with those who have given up hope on our nation and chosen the apathetic course, this is unproductive, I fear, that without their interest and involvement we will see the self-destruction of our nation. For as I have said before our nation is the reflection of how we, as citizens accept and embrace our responsibility to serve our country. For if it is our contention that our nation, is beyond hope then we have no one to blame, but ourselves for the condition that our country is in. As it is, the very renewal, revitalization, if not it’s very salvation rest in our hands, as individual citizens.


For within each of us

For within each of us.

For within each of us

For within each of us


For within each of us

in a place unseen

where the light of life

a light of the eternal force 

lights up every heart

of all who have Faith


for it is a gift of the Father

cleansed by the passion of the Son

delivered by the Spirit most Holy

for it is of heavenly origin

for those who believe

it will show the right path

to the Father’s house


for with each of us

in a place unseen

where the light of life

a light of the eternal force

that shines such a bright light

that lights up every heart

of all who have Faith


 for it opens the heart

so wrongs can be forgiven

and love can be shared

as the Son commands us to

for through Love

comes Peace, Joy, and Hope

for in giving we receive

and for what we receive

we should give to those without


for within each of us

in a place unseen

where the light of life

for the light ofa light of of an eternal force

that shines so bright


for when we stray

from the path

and lose hope

and the tears

of the lost fills our hearts

for the light of life

will shine down

and the love and comfort

of the Mother

ofof her prodigal son

that has come home

will be given


for within each of us

from an unseen place

where the light of light

a light of the eternal force

that shines so bright

that lights up every heart

of all those who have Faith



The Lady with the Sweet Smile # 13

The Lady with the Sweet Smile # 13.

The Lady with the Sweet Smile # 13

Just give me a smile


I know that there are those

 who have told you

that they would buy you

the moon and stars

for you to ware as a necklace

But all I can give you

so is country walks in the spring

someone to count the stars with

on warm summer nights

and a heart that will

keep you warm on winter nights


but for now

just give me a smile

so my heart

will beat another day


I know that there are those

who will take you dancing

at the top of the mark

with the ball room lighting

and a band to match

but all I can offer you

is my hand to share a dance

under the stars and a full moon

on some sandy beach somewhere

with music being played on a CD

it be like dancing on a cloud


but for now

just give me a smile

so my heart

will beat for another day


for i know there are those

who try to buy your love

with jewels and gems

and other fancy things

no more then a bigger show

then is love for the heart

but what my heart offers you

is a love the will be forever and a day

a promise that I’ll be there

each and every time you call

in body or in spirit

and a heart that will

love, adore, and care for you

each day and every night


but for now

just give me a smile

so my heart

will be for another day


to this world

what i offer is very little

but if I just live

off the maybe’s

maybe today

i’ll feel the warmth of your embrace

just maybe tonight

i will know the sweetness

of your kiss

and just maybe

these hopes and prayers

will one day be true.


but for now

just give me a smile

so my heart

will beat for another day









The Lady with sweet Smile # 12

The Lady with sweet Smile # 12.

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